Logo & Corporate Identity Design
IKONA is dedicated to creating professional and powerful target audience appropriate company logo identities. A logo is the essence of any company and through one simple graphic, it can portray an organization's entire mandate. From intial ideas and concepts, to complete and printed business materials, IKONA helps companies develop identities that are powerful and long-lasting. But it doesn't end there - style guidelines are also created for identities in order to ensure that no matter how or where a logo is utilized, basic standards are followed resulting in effectiveness throughout any medium.

Identity Restorations
Change is not always easy, especially when an established organization is recognizable to its clients and the public through its logo. However, change can often be positive. IKONA can move your company identity into the present and prepare it for the future. A logo is a first impression and restoring it demonstrates to clients, employees and the public that a company is invested in the furture.

Marketing & Sales Materials
Marketing and sales materials should speak to clients as directly as a sales team does. IKONA gives marketing materials a professional look by designing well thought-out and well organized content and information graphics. IKONA also provides professional photography services so that products and services can be visually represented in the best possible way.

Website Design & Architecture
In this digital age, websites are often the first point of contact with potential clients. A well designed website ensuring integral information is easily accessible and organized seamlessly is what can set your company apart from the rest. Beyond the design and inital development of a website, IKONA's web team can help enhance your website through these available services:
- Tablet and mobile friendly websites
- CMS integration (Joomla & Wordpress)
- Professional photography or stock photography outsourcing
- Copywriting

Events Management
Presenting products and content in such a way as to ensure maximum effectivness and exposure is another integral part of building an identity. Corporate events, product launches and client appreciation events are just some of the types of exposure that IKONA can arrange in order to get clients and potential clients excited about what you are offering and what your brand represents. IKONA's event services include and are not limited to: corporate events, open houses, client apprecation, product launches and f ormal VIP events.